Central Jersey House Washing

Make your curb appeal shine - and rest easy knowing that your biggest investment is in good hands! Complete Power Washing delivers a house washing service that protects your home exterior and your property value.

House Washing


Why We Soft Wash

Our team proudly uses South Jersey House Washing to clean your home. For us, this isn’t an option - it’s a necessity. Soft washing is the only way to bring quality cleaning power to your home exterior without exposing it to damage. This method is:

  • Effective: We pair state-of-the-art soft washing technology with special cleaning products to deliver a deep clean to your home exterior - one that transforms your siding to look like new.
  • Safe: Pressure washing uses a high PSI - that’s pounds per square inch - of force to clean surfaces. Soft washing doesn’t. The low pressure is safe for any type of siding. But equally important? It’s effective.
  • Guaranteed effective: If you aren’t happy with our house washing service, then we’re getting back to work.

With soft washing, your home exterior will look bright. It will look beautiful. And it will retain that high-quality clean for longer.

What to Expect with South Jersey House Washing

There’s a transformation waiting for your home, and we deliver it! Our soft washing service is designed to give your home a deep clean that makes you feel like you got your siding installed last week, not years ago. With the expertise of Complete Pressure Washing, you can expect service that addresses:

  • Stains: Dirt, pollen, and air pollution can do a number on your exterior. We effectively remove them all - so you can start with a clean slate.
  • Mold, algae, and mildew. Removing these issues isn’t enough - you need to kill them to prevent a comeback. Our cleaners do both.
  • Streaks: Sometimes, mold or dirt can cause your siding to streak. We eliminate those eyesores.

Curb appeal should be an expectation, not a bonus. With Complete Power Washing, you can always expect your home exterior to shine bright.

We offer our house washing services in the following cities: