Central Jersey Wood Restoration

 Are your wood surfaces in need of a pick-me-up? Our experts can help! We deliver a professional wood restoration service that will make your exterior ready for every gathering, from barbecues on the deck to lazy afternoons on the porch.

Our Three-Step Wood Restoration Service

Every property needs a plan for success. And when it comes to your wood surfaces, we’re balancing two important needs: quality for the “now” and protection for the “future.”

Here’s the catch. Wood surfaces are constantly exposed to wear and tear from the elements, and it can take a significant toll on its quality, its appearance, and even its safety. Our team delivers a professional solution that will restore all three needs. This includes:

  • Surface removal
    First, we apply Sodium Hydroxide to loosen dead wood on the surface. It also removes algae and other bacterial growth. This will give your home a "clean slate" and allows us to effectively deliver our cleaning solution.
  • Pressure washing
    Next, we provide a pressure washing service to remove unwanted residue from your porch. This encompasses everything from mold to dirt, and our solution is primed to deliver the deep-penetrating clean that this porous surface needs.
  • Surface brightening
    Finally, we apply Oxalic Acid. This neutralizes the surface, which in turn prevents stains from distributing unevenly on your deck, porch, or railings. This application also brightens the wood surface.

A Solution for Every Surface

Your property’s wood surfaces should be a source of enjoyment – and they definitely shouldn’t jeopardize the safety or the curb appeal of your exterior. That’s where our Central Jersey Wood Restoration service comes into play. We use this professional approach for virtually any exterior wood surfaces, including:

  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Fences
  • Railings
  • Stairways

We live in a beautiful place to call home – and every aspect of your exterior should reflect that. With a wood restoration service from Complete Power Washing, you can be proactive about keeping your property at its best.


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